For nearly 50 years now
we have been combining
tradition and innovation

It all started from a small workshop, where we began to create products and flavors with local ingredients. Our inspiration is the traditional flavors of the Peloponnese. As the years went by, these products became much loved and so from that workshop we evolved into a state-of-the-art production unit, where we produce traditional and modern flavors from all over Greece. However, no matter how much we have grown, we never forget our roots and the principles with which we started: love of Tradition, daily Dedication, passion for Creation and Innovation, obsession with Quality.

Today, at Hellenic Bakery, we have managed to be a leader in the food service industry, creating products that at all hours of the day add taste in the lives of millions of people.

Our goal is to continue to offer you and your customers the best options, guaranteeing your success and strengthening the long-term relationship of trust we have developed between us.


We never compromise
on quality

Our philosophy is summed up in the phrase: “With care, respect and consistency we produce safe and tasty high quality products”. Thus, at “Hellenic Bakery” we apply a Quality Management System and we are certified according to the HACCP ( ISO 22000) & ISO 9001:2008 standards, for the production of safe products and our overall operation.

By combining technology with traditional recipes, at “Hellenic Bakery” we have managed to be awarded with the Superior Taste Award for our products by the International Taste Institute.

Such a distinction gives us even more strength and reinforces our commitment to keep creating high quality and great tasting products.



Original Raw Materials

All our products are made from excellent and pure raw materials, fresh vegetables, branded and PDO products, for high quality and unsurpassed taste.

We always choose original raw materials, such as PDO feta and kasseri cheeses made of sheep’s milk, milk butter with 99.8% milk content of French origin, Philadelphia cream cheese by Kraft, cured meat products by NIKAS and Thrace Flavors.

So, our customers can greet their own customers every day confident that they will be offered the highest quality and tastiest options.

Our partners

Original Ingredients


We evolve and expand

At Hellenic Bakery, our flavors embrace every corner of Greece. A wide distribution network reaches every dealer and every partner to ensure the daily enjoyment of our products by thousands of our customers and their millions of consumers.

Our export activity is growing dynamically, establishing our products at an international level, on 4 continents.

The taste of innovation is spreading.