For over 35 years
we mold

For more than 35 years “Hellinikos Fournos” company offers to your customers products of high quality, establishing a leading position in their preferences.

Today, and due to your cooperation, our products add taste to every day life of millions of Greeks and give strength to our long-term relation of trust. We are positive that this relationship will continue in the future and the profit will be common for all of us.


Quality without Compromise

Our philosophy is included in the phrase “we love our work, we respect our distributors, with consistency we produce products of high quality, safe for consumption”. “Hellinikos Fournos” has been certified for operating in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 & ISO 9001:2008.

By combining the high technology and the traditional recipes, “Hellinikos Fournos” is the modern, dynamic enterprise that guarantees an unrivalled quality of products for the consumers and high volume of profits for its contributors meaning YOU!!!



Original Ingredients

Before we start our touring to the products that we offer, we would like to point out that in our recipes we use the original ingredients and not substitutes.

This means that, when we say “feta” we mean sheep cheese, the same with “kaseri” or “filadelfia” cheeses.

Also the milk butter we use is 99, 8% content of milk, from France. In general we use the ingredients we claim and this is the reason that our products are so tasteful and safe to be consumed.

Our partners

Original Ingredients


The Pioneers
of Taste

The taste and the quality of “Hellinikos Fournos” is being spread all over Hellas. A wide distribution channel leads to every contributor of the company in order to assure the employment in respectto our products for millions of customers.

At this point, we have to mention that our company has also established cooperations beyont the hellenic boarders and now our products are being exported to Cyprus, Germany and Bulgaria.

The “Pioneers of Taste” are being expanded.